Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEW Returners Podcast!!!

Check it out the new episode of the Returners Podcast.


Vote on your winner for the Digital Thunderdome here at

and your gameplay choices for the Community Choice Marathon which will be posted at a later date.


KericInfinitum said...

Jerry is wrong it is a new engine. Gamebryo is what Oblivion was made with Creation Engine is Skyrim's engine

Erde said...

Creation Engine is based on Gamebryo engine, it is not a total rewrite. And it shows, oh it shows.

The Returners said...
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The Returners said...

Well if the mighty Bethesda didn't have to pander to the limited capabilities of consoles the game would look life-like. Although I could do with an older engine if it means that the gameplay and the story are solid not that they aren't in any Elder Scrolls game.

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