Monday, September 6, 2010

Metroid Marathon Wrap Up

And so another marathon comes to a close and the season is over. Next year promises to be a fun-filled experience for everyone with Zelda, Final Fantasy, and games selected by you, the community, for us to play. We’ll be getting all of the players to put up a list of games you can select from soon enough. As for this marathon, it was a great deal of fun, and we ended with $1,050 in donations. Not bad at all. First and foremost, we would like to thank Child’s Play for letting us raise money for them again. They’re always a pleasure to work with. Secondly we would like to thank you, all of the viewers and donors. Without you we’d never get anything accomplished during these things and it’d just be a bunch of weird people playing video games on the Internet. You make these events and we thank you for that. A special thanks needs to go out to Tronika for helping us out by demoing Other M before it was even released. It was very awesome of him to do that.

Now we would like to thank the people that helped us out and promoted us on their sites. First of all, Cornshaq needs to be mentioned for running Metroid II for us. He does good work even when he has his own marathons to plan out. We’re lucky to have him around and appreciate all of the work he puts forth. Now for the short list of sites that supported us (that we know of). If you posted something about this marathon and aren’t mentioned here, just send us an email with a link to the post and we’ll be sure to get you mentioned here! And here they are!

Total Video Games
Metroid Recon
The Metroid Database

The donor list will be up shortly. As always if you would like your name removed from the list or if you would like something put up in place of your name, be sure to email us with that information and we’ll get it all sorted out. Thank you again for making this marathon successful and we hope to see you next mission!


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