Saturday, June 12, 2010

Megathon Wrap-Up

Hey! We're recovered mostly. So here's the wrap for the Megathon. It was awesome to say the least, and we're glad to have broken the $1,000 mark on a second straight marathon. Here's hoping that we'll do it again come August. Donations are still open until the 14th of June so keep it going guys! The Alzheimer's Association appreciates every donation that comes their way. It's a little disappointing that we didn't make it through every game though. We came up short by two. Mega Man X6 and X7 were not completed, but 20 out of 22 games isn't that bad is it? We're going to be throwing up the R being shaved into James' chest on our YouTube channel and we'll be announce on the forums when we'll be streaming the blind runs of MMX1-X3 (Expect probably the last week of June or the first week of July for that). We might try to shoot for beating more than one boss in those runs as well, but don't expect to see the games getting beaten like that. We're good at Mega Man, but we're not that good.

Now for the thank you round, and we've got a decent amount of people to thank this go around. First of all we would like to thank everybody that donated and everybody that helped to spread the word during the marathon. These events would be absolutely nothing without you guys. We're only here to provide the entertainment. It's everybody that comes out to view, donate, and promote that are the real heroes of this story. Special thanks goes out to Tronika who gave way more than was necessary. We appreciate that and we know everybody at the Alzheimer's Association appreciates it. And now for the specifics of the people that helped during the marathon and the sites that promoted it:

First among the list are people from two other marathon groups. We would like to thank Cornshaq, Alen McDohl, and Tailz64 for helping out with commentary and awesome gameplay during the marathon. We urge everybody to check out their marathons as well over at Bonus Stage Marathons. We would also like to thank Tom for helping out by playing Mega Man 9 and you can see his marathons over at Ocean City Trinity.

We would also like to thank the following sites for promoting the marathon:
Capcom, because you were awesome for promoting us.
Game Marathons
Pure Nintendo
Link's Hideaway
Zelda Universe
Jgonzo over at Capcom-Unity
Protodude's Rockman Corner
The Mega Man Network

Finally we would also like to thank every last forum that allowed us to post something about the marathon even if that post might have potentially been in violation of some of their posting rules about advertisement. Thank you guys for not killing our posts before anyone had a chance to see them. Also to any other sites or people that might have promoted the Megathon and would like us to mention them by name, please send us an email with your site's name/your preferred online name and a link to the promotion and we'll be happy to include you in the list above.

That about does it for this marathon. We'll be releasing the first round of information about the Metroid marathon next week and we hope to see everybody in August for another awesome time helping out a good cause!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations with the Megathon guys, you did great. The whole time was a blast and i'm sure I speak for a lot of people that we are excited for the next marathon! I wish you all the best of luck in every way. Untill next time.


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