Friday, March 12, 2010

Z-Day II Wrap-up Post

Z-Day has come to an end and it seems to have been a fairly successful marathon. We've raised more money this marathon than any previous one, sitting at $1,075 right now for Doctors Without Borders. But that doesn't mean people should stop donating. We've got the window open until the 16th of March for anyone that might have wanted to donate but lacked the means to during the marathon. So if you want to donate still you can.

First and foremost we'd like to give a very big thank you to our chat mods for keeping an eye out for anything that didn't belong in the chat. A big thanks to all of you for that. Secondly we'd like to thank our friends over at Bonus Stage Marathons for helping us out with both gameplay and commentary. It helps take quite a bit of burden off of our shoulders that you guys are willing to help out with the marathons. So a big thank you to Cornshaq, Tailz64, and AlenMcDohl for all the help they were this marathon and past marathons. Another thank you goes out to Forgefire for helping us with running Wind Waker.

Now we'd also like to thank Mana Potions for sponsoring the event and also for sending us some potions to keep us going during the marathon. To all of the forums that let us advertise the marathon, thank you (even if it did violate your rules about posting over at Forum Nintendo). Thank you to the sites that promoted the marathon as well:
Zelda Universe
The Sacred Realm
The Mario Marathon Team
Pure Nintendo
North Castle
Link's Hideaway
The Extra Lives Team
Penguin in the Desert Productions
Game Marathons
Dark Chiron

If there is anyone else that promoted the marathon and would like to be mentioned please email us with a link to the story/article promoting the marathon and we'll get you put up.

A full donor list will appear on our forums after the ChipIn ends, so if you would like your name omitted from the list please send us an email before we get it up. We usually have the donor lists up two to five days after the ChipIn ends, but it would be advisable to let us know before the 16th.

For the people that won prizes during the marathon, we will be getting in touch with you about shipping arrangements after the ChipIn closes and the donor list is put up. We'll have the prizes shipped out within one or two weeks of that.

That's about it for this post. We hope to see everybody and some new people in June when we kick off the Mega Man Marathon!


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