Thursday, August 13, 2009

Light of the Crystals Wrap Up

Well, another marathon has come and gone and as is always the case with these things, there are aspects of it that we liked a lot and then there are aspects of it that we wished could have been better. Even so it was a successful marathon for the most part and it couldn't have been that way without the viewers and everyone that donated. A big thank you goes out to the people that donated and spread the word about the marathon. Similarly we'd like to thank our mods once more for the work they put in on this marathon since we know we were asking a lot of them to stick around for such a long time instead of the usual 72 hours. After a bit of time to wind down from the marathon we'll be putting some information up about the Zelda marathon coming up in March, as well as some information about things we've got planned to hold you people over until then. But for right now there are some promoting sites and people in the YouTube community that both helped promote and helped us run the event that we would like to extend our thanks to for the help they offered.
Nintendo World Report
Limit Break Radio
Zelda Universe
North Castle
Rejected Gamer
The Ansem Retort
Cornshaq Gaming
Scarlet Moon Studios

Thank you for all of the help everybody. The ChipIn is going to remain open until the 18th, so if you're waiting on money to come in or something like that there's still more than enough time to donate. Once again thank you for all of the help in making this an exciting event, and we will see you again come March for the next marathon.


zarek said...

oh nooo i was so excited to catch this i somehow forgot about it completely and missed it all. next stop downward spiraling depression.

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