Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wayback Wrap-up

With our third marathon concluded we're here to give thanks to the people that have donated and also to those people that promoted us even when they couldn't donate. To all of you, thank you. We would also like to thank Child's Play for allowing us to raise money for them. They were nothing but supportive and kind in their dealings with us. We're going to look forward to future events working with them. There are a few people to thank for helping us with this marathon in a more personal manner than merely donating or promoting the event and we hope that they'll be willing to help us again in upcoming events:
Alen McDohl

We've also got some sites to thank for promoting us so let's say thank you for the promotion and if anyone wants to see the story they put up for us, the links are here too when applicable:
Nintendo Gal
Pure Nintendo
North Castle
Speed Demos Archive
The Total Gamer
Zelda Universe
Game Marathons

We're glad that everyone has shown interest in what we're doing and we're thankful for the people that have helped us out in any way they can. This marathon perhaps wasn't as successful as we would have hoped it would be, but still it was good and if nothing else it has taught us the value of good promotion methods.

We've got one more bit of news for everybody concerning the Final Fantasy marathon that's around the corner in August. The charity will again be Child's Play. We had said we were going to be surprising people with the charity we raised money for but that charity has been pushed back to the upcoming March marathon some months away. We're going to be playing through as many of the FF games as possible within 100 hours, and while we would like to get through all of them none of us are certain that it will happen at all. We will be opening donations sooner than usual, within a week of our current donation period ending, and keep it open for a week after the marathon as usual. Here in a few days we will be posting more detailed information about the marathon.


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