Monday, June 8, 2009

Brawlathon Wrap Up

Well, another marathon down. Donations are going to be open until the 14th of June so if you haven't donated yet, or you want to donate again, we urge you to do so and help us get closer to that goal and remember that after donations close a full donation list will be posted on the forums, so keep a look-out for that and if anyone would like to remain anonymous on that list, please contact us so that we know.

Everyone here had fun with the marathon and we all hope that everyone who watched did as well. We would like to thank all of the viewers and those who donated. We would also like to thank GoNintendo,, Zelda Universe, North Castle, Wii Nintendo, The Wiicast, and Nintendo Paper Crafts for the pure awesomesauce of them promoting the event, especially to the Wiicast for featuring our stream in their site. We'd also like to thank Vintage Stock for offering us a bit of swag to raffle off during the marathon. If there is anyone that we've forgotten to include here, we are very sorry about that, but you get our thanks as well. This was a group effort and without all of you the marathon likely wouldn't have been able to happen at all. So from everyone at The Returners, thank you.

Finally we've got a bit to touch on for the Retro RPGs marathon, though it isn't much right now. There will be more information in the next couple of weeks, though. Right now all we can give you is the current confirmed list of games that will be played and one tentative title. The list and order the games are played in will change in the coming days, but for now we will let you know the confirmed games being played:

1.) Chrono Trigger (Confirmed)
2.) Chrono Cross (Confirmed)
3.) Super Mario RPG (Confirmed)
4.) Final Fantasy IV (Confirmed)
5.) Final Fantasy IX (Confirmed)
6.) Parasite Eve (Tentative)


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